Do you have a driving test soon and you want to prepare adequately?

You have a driving license issued by your country of origin and you wish to carry out the exchange of the driving license or complete the translation of your license to that of Quebec?

We strongly advise you to take a few driving lessons in Montréal with our specialized driving school in this area.

Often within hours, we can help you adapt your driving to Quebec’s unique driving style.

The purpose of driving examinations in Québec is to verify your knowledge in regard to the Highway Safety Code.

During your driving test, you will be asked to demonstrate your driving skills by taking a road test with an employee evaluator from the SAAQ (Government of Quebec employee). Examination on the road last approximately 30 to 45 minutes long.

Quebec’s road configurations are unique and you must not at any time show any hesitation especially during the driving test.
Our driving school is located less than 5 minutes from the SAAQ examination center on Henri-Bourassa Boulevard. You have the chance to drive on the same roads and configurations used by the SAAQ evaluators with our teachers. Our teachers are well versed in the specifics and examination circuits used by the evaluators at the Henri-Bourassa Examination Center. This allows you to drive on identical configurations to those of the driving test.

Our teachers have valid and up-to-date certifications and teaching permits, giving you quality, structured driving lessons. Our teachers are patient and understanding about you. They accept your learning pace and will make every effort to adapt your driving style. This in order to guarantee your success during the driving test.

Our instructors use evaluation grids similar to those of government evaluators. We give you a copy of this completed evaluation grid when you finish one hour of driving with one of our teachers. This report will allow you to know your areas of improvement and especially to know the exact requirements of the SAAQ driving test.

Our rates are:
• $ 75.00 per hour
Taxes are included.

Call us to check the availability of our instructors by calling 514-416-1580 We offer driving lessons 7 days a week from 8am to 8pm